About Me

I'm Rune Nilsen and have been a die-hard Crüe Head since 1983, living in southern Norway. The first time that I heard Mötley was when I got the Cassett with Shout At The Devil from the Scandinavian Music Club. I did'nt order the Cassett since it was the Cassett of the month. Before I listened to the music, I had seen pictures of Mötley Crüe in the Swedish Magazine "Okej" and was thinking that this had to be THE band for me. The group's rough and cool appearance appealed to me right away.

Feel free to drop me a line either by e-mail or in the guestbook.

Also a special thanks to the people that have supplied me with Mötley Crüe merchandise: My parents, my sisters, Jarle Lindeland,

Øystein Holte, Björnar Svendsen, Vibekke Solaas, Helge Nilsen and my biggest love Hilde Liane. And the webpage couldn't have

been created without the help from my good friend Tormod C.



 The Proof that I have been a loyal Crüe Head.